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Next upcoming annual meeting of Barents Press International: 2017, Arkhangelsk, Russia

Annual conference of Barents Press international will be held in Arkhangelsk

April 27-30, 2017 the old Russian city of Arkhangelsk will host the next annual conference of BPI. For the first time in more than twenty year old history of this network of journalistic contacts the meeting will be held so far to the East of the Barents region.

Мore than a hundred journalists from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia will gather to discuss opportunities for international cooperation and the most acute problems of professional activity. And, of course, to socialize.

The main theme of the conference is Temporal and Religious Authorities. The floor will be given to the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov and the Bishop of Severomorsk and Umba Mitrophan. Different aspects of the topic will scientists and of course journalists of the Barents region. As usual, the underlying theme of the discussions is freedom of speech. Journalism students will have the opportunity to participate in a special workshop.

Detailed conference agenda is below.

Arkhangelsk awaits! 


Official programme:


Arkhangelsk, April 27-30

Thursday, April, 27th

Arrival to Arkhangelsk. Volunteers will meet foreign and Russian participants on the railway station and at the airport, and help to check-in in Pur-Navolok hotel.

19.30 – Excursion in the center of Arkhangelsk

Friday, April, 28th

Breakfast in the hotel. Volunteers meet the participants, and show them to the conference hall.

08.30-09.00 – Registration, conference hall, Arkhangelsk regional administration building

09.00-09.10 – Greeting words from organizers,

Anna Kireeva – Chairperson of Barents Press Russia


Moderator – Nina Kiseleva, journalists, Arkhangelsk

09.10–09.40 – Igor Orlov, Governor of the Arkhangelsk region

“The Arkhangelsk region today: perspectives for development and international cooperation”. Q&A

09.40-09.55 – Mikhail Kopitsa, professor of History

“History of Russian-Scandinavian network in the North”

09.55–10.20 – Svetlana Sinitsyna, journalist, GTRK “Pomorye”

“Special settlers and their influence on the Arkhangelsk region development”.

10.20–10.30 – Lyubov Cheplagina, chief editor, “The Konoshskiy Kurier” newspaper

“The Brodskiy Museum – a joint project of authorities and journalists”.

10.30–10.50 – Coffee-break

10.50-11.00 – Hanne Aho, Chairperson of Journalist Union of Finland

“The post-truth era, does it exist?”

11.00-11.20  – Morten Ruud, NRK, Norway

“Journalists in the sanctions lists”

11.20-11.40 – Valery Potashov, editor in chief, “Chernika” news portal, Petrozavodsk

“Under Pressure: challenges of regional journalism, the Republic of Karelia”.

11.40–12.10 – Discussion.

Moderator of the discussion – Tatiana Polkova, journalist, Petrozavodsk


12.20–12.35 – Olga Scherbakova, editor, “The Dvazhdy Dva” newspaper, Apatity

“Behind the windows” project”

12.35–12.45 – Amund Trellevik, Chairman of Board, Barents Press Norway

“New strategy of the Barents Press Norway”

12.45-13.00 – Introduction of members of all the national Barents Press Boards

13.00 – 15.00 – Lunch, the Rossianka cafe

14.00 -15.00 – Meeting of International Boards, conference room, Pur-navolok Hotel

15.00 – 16.00 – Tim Andresson, Chairman of Board, Barents Press Sweden

Master class for journalism students, conference room, Pur-navolok Hotel


15.00–15.20 – Mitrophan, a Bishop of Severomorsk and Umba

“Collaboration of the Church and Mass Media for spiritual renaissance of the Russian North”

15.20–15.35 – Pavel Kondratyev, journalist, GTRC “Murman”

“Collaboration of media and Church in Murmansk region”

15.50–16.05 –Aleksander Fuchs, journalist, “Gubernia Daily”, Petrozavodsk

“Writing about Church: good or nothing”

16.05–16.20 – Evgeniy Sokolov, Archpriest, Arkhangelsk

“Temporal and religious authorities: things in common”

16.20–16.45 – Discussion

Moderator of the discussion – Jury Erofeev, journalist, “TV-21”, Murmansk

16.45–17.00 – Coffee-break

17.00–17.20 – Pekka Mikkola, journalist, Finland

“Can we write about religious movements?”

17.20–17.40 – Tobias Poggats, Sweden

“Journalism from the perspective of stateless citizens”

17.40–18.00 – Irina Khanzerova, editor, “Naryana-Vynder”, The Nenets Autonomus Region

“The Church and the indigenous peoples”

18.00-18.30 – Discussion

Moderator of the discussion – Vyacheslav Gorodetskiy, editor in chief, “B-Port” news agency, Murmansk

18.30–18.45 – Change of the Chairperson of the Barents Press International

20.00 – Dinner, Glavbufet

Saturday, April, 29th

Breakfast in the hotel

09.00–17.00 – Excursion to the Holy Trinity Antoniy-Siyskiy Monastery

Excursion, meeting with Abbot, discussion

15.00–17.00 – Return to the hotel, free time

20.00 – Gala dinner, the Yalta restaurant

Sunday, April, 30th

Departure day