Sep 29, 2014

To see elections in Scandinavian way with your own eyes, to follow the campaign, to personally meet representatives of political parties and to evaluate the work of the press in a difficult media period - such opportunity was given to a group of journalists from different cities of the North-West of Russia by the Nordic Journalist Center and the Regional Press Institute with the financial support of the Council of Ministers of the Nordic countries.

Sep 18, 2014
A group of journalists from different cities of the North-West of Russia took part in a study trip to Sweden (Stockholm and Örebro). On the agenda there were the elections of regional and municipal councils. The visit was organized by the Nordic Journalist and the Regional Press Institute with the financial support of the Council of Ministers of the Nordic countries.
Sep 3, 2014

August 29 there was held a Skype conference of Barents Press Russia board. Met Journalists from Karelia, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk got together to discussed future plans and distributed the responsibility among the regional boards.

Jun 6, 2014

Mini BPI conference – at the Murmansk airport

May 26, 2010

Due to the Icelandic volcano eruption  the delegations from Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions failed to arrive to  the 16 annual  conference of BPI in Bodø  but all  were satisfied with their short meeting.

Murmansk airport
Photo: TV Murman website
Just  Murmansk airport.

- We have already passed customs and passport control and considered the second effort of participating in conference in Bodø a lucky one. However, this time the Icelandic volcano suspended our flight too.

All this time we were keeping in touch by the phone with our colleagues from Norwegian BP and  Karelian journalists which were travelling in Finland and Sweden by bus. We are glad that at least part of  Russian delegation  had a chance to participate in the  conference.

In spite of the fact that we failed to take part in a long-expected conference, we spent a good time.

Those colleagues who participated for the first time (to be exactly was going to participate in a   BPI meeting) got acquainted with “veterans”, everyone told about themselves and their newsrooms. It was found out that having seen each other too seldom and living too far we have a lot of common problems and moreover, there is a common understanding of a need to solve them.

Elena Larionova, BPI project coordinator

The point is we met

– It should be mentioned that the delegates did not waist time waiting for a long time at the airport. They got acquainted with each other, shared the latest news not only from the world of journalism, touched the topic of BPI meeting, which was canceled and also they held an election of the BPI board and Russian board. The results   were sent to  the Karelian delegation, that was lucky to come to Bodø. In spite of the fact that the volcano has twice interfered in the plans of the Russian delegation and journalists from Arkhangelsk after a long time of waiting at the Murmansk airport had to return back home, the impression from the meeting with colleagues was very positive. Perhaps, it does not matter where the venue takes place, whether it would be Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Bodø or Murmansk airport, the thing is that the meeting is held in a friendly atmosphere of interesting and knowing their business people.

Inna Roshchina


Wanted to discuss Kola Sami radio…


- As a former journalist of Kola Sami radio I wanted to raise a question about the role of the media owners, law and right aspects while taking the owners’ decisions,   rights and duties of journalists and owners while changing the status, management or closing   media. Also, I would like to discuss issues concerning adequate presentation of information of conflicts between   media and officials, keeping  rules of journalist’s ethics while presenting such conflicts; distinct journalists’ solidarity.

While waiting at the airport for a flight to Tromsø we had a fruitful meeting work with the colleagues from Arkhangelsk region. It is nice to mention, that many of them were concerned about the press freedom   in Russia.

Yevgeny Kirillov


Translated by Irina Bykova

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