Apr 22, 2016
The annual Barents Press conference - 2016 has started today in the city of Haparanda, Sweden. The main topic discussed is digitalization of media. A hundred of participants from four Barents areas and the hottest speeches and speakers.
Mar 25, 2016

A course for journalists on Svalbard, 2th – 6th of May 2016

Some say it´s difficult to understand the relation between Russia and Norway without understanding Svalbard. What is really  going on in this  islands? What is the history behind Svalbard and the Svalbard treaty?


Mar 23, 2016

Journalists from four countries will soon meet in the Swedish town of Haparanda. On April 21-24 it will host the Annual Meeting of Barents Press International. The themes of this year are various. But the leading one is the digitization of media. What does it mean for us? What we do we lose or acquire moving totally to the virtual and digital world?


Russian journalists on a training visit to Norwegian colleagues

Jun 22, 2010

Eight representatives of Russian mass-media from Murmansk area and Karelia with huge enthusiasm took training in newspapers, TV and radio of Northern Norway.

Russian journalists on a training visit to Norwegian colleagues
Eight representatives of Russian mass-media from Murmansk area and Karelia with huge enthusiasm took training in newspapers, TV and radio of Northern Norway.

Stay of our journalists in Norway coincided with two bigt events in the public life of Northern Kingdom – strikes of employees and Evrovision-2010. The Russian correspondents with considerable interest watched the neighbours’ events.

The journalists were taking part in everyday life of the Norwegian editions participating in daily editorial meetings, discussing latest local news, preparing releases of newspapers and telecasts, creating materials for Norwegian and Russian mass-media, analyzing various approaches to journalistic work. In a word, they were deep in the process of work.

Our colleagues share their impressions about the training.

Elena Belkina, TV «Murman»:

I was at the state television channel NRK in Bodø. The Norwegian colleagues were very attentive to me. Every day I participated in shootings. Repeatedly we were in the country where filmed shooting competition of policemen of Northern Norway.

But the main topic to cover at the channel became the strike which captured all the country. Employees of hospitals, kindergartens and schools took part in it.

It was interesting to see that journalists of TV channel NRK in Bodø in fact combine professions: they do shooting, write texts and edit.

It was interesting enough to see how to work with linear computer installation.

Igor Katerinichev, Murmansky Vestnik:

Colleagues from «Helgeland arbeiderblad» gave me their warmth and care - I'm very grateful for that. I had an opportunity to watch my colleagues' daily work and to participate in it. When a Norwegian journalist had problems with pictures I was very glad to give him mine. They were published in the paper on June 1. Vice editor organized an interesting trip for me and I visited a church built in XIII century, the museum of well-known Norwegian poet Peter Dass and the cemetery where 7551 Soviet soldiers are buried.

Elena Bozhkova, Radio Murmansk:

I was very lucky to visit NRK TV channel in Vadsø. I felt quite at home there. My colleagues gave me a bike and I took a 20 km ride to the national park Ekkeroi and saw a unique bird colony on the seashore. I could have never imagined a small Norwegian city to have such an interesting historic background and wonderful sights.

We have exchanged telephone numbers and in case any of my colleagues visit Murmansk I'll do my best to give them the same warm welcome which they showed to me.

In my plans for the future there's an obligation to study Norwegian.

Russian journalists on a training visit to Norwegian colleagues

Elena Rybalova, Molodyozhnaya Gazeta Karelii:

My visit to the paper ”Harstad tidene” was wonderfully planned. The fact I know Norwegian was of great help. The next day I arrived there appeared information in the paper that a Russian journalist was making a story about Russians living in Harstad. It rose response from those ready to give interviews. Some of my stories in Norwegian were published in ”Harstad tidene”. And I make a set of stories about Norwegian youth for «Molodyozhnaya Gazeta Karelii».

Natalia Turchinskaya, TV Karelia:

My study visit was to NRK in Tromsø.  The greatest impression was shooting a big car accident in the centre of the city where my colleagues and I were right in a few minutes after the happening. Norwegian journalist are very quick in their job.

Sergey Surovtsev, Universitetsky Kurier:

It was interesting to compare ways of covering issues in Russia and Norway. An example: the whole page is devoted to one person – a driver whose experience is more than 50 years. Articles are rather quick to be prepared and published in Norway.

Each of us discovered something as a professional, got an impetus for future work and built new contacts.

The participants of the project express gratitude to the organizers – Elnar Seljevold (Consult Inform) and Elena Larionoiva (Barents Press) – for the brilliant opportunity to make this study visit to Norwegian mass media.

Yulia Lebed, project participant

Translated by: Tatiana Polkova

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