Nov 11, 2014

Barents Press International Board had a meeting in Saariselkä, Finland on 7-8 November. The main issues to discuss were Barents Press Russia activity after the founder and many years leader Elena Larionova’ going away and the coming Annual Conference – 2015.

Nov 10, 2014
22 October Rovaniemi (Finland) hosted a forum of Barents region mass media editors in the framework of Barents Mediasphere project. This was the second meeting in this format, and the first one was held a year ago in Kirkenes (Norway).
Nov 4, 2014

On November 27-29, 2014 in Murmansk will host the VII international festival The Northern Character. It is organized by TV company "TV-21"and Production Center "Northern Character" with the support of the Russian Ministry of culture, Government of Murmansk region, Norilsk Nickel company, the Administrative Board of Norrbotten (Sweden), the Barents Secretariat, the Center for journalism in the Nordic countries, Murmansk Union of journalists, Barents Press and others.



Feb 26, 2010

We really do hope you will find time to join this year’s Barents Press annual meeting. We are quite sure it will become a memorable weekend, and we wish you warmly welcome to Bodø. The organizers find it necessary to differentiate the deductibles a little, so here is what you will have to pay for your participation:

Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish delegates in single rooms NOK 1100
Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish delegates in double rooms NOK 800
Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish students NOK 400
Russian delegates NOK 300
Russian students FREE
Delegates without a room at the hotel NOK 800

The fee will be collected when you register on Friday afternoon.

We will need a final list of delegates by March 12, so please make your registration to Arne Egil Tønset (chairman, Barents Press Norway) in due time. Please notify us if you want a single room at the hotel, but we have to remind you that the number of single rooms is limited. Therefore, please, give us a clue of whom you would like to share a room with 

The final programme with a time schedule will be distributed as soon as we have settled all the details.

On behalf of Barents Press International
Arne Egil Tønset



BODØ APRIL 16-18 2010

Accomodation and conference venue: Radisson Blu Hotel Bodø


Arrival delegations

Registration at Radisson starting 12:00 until 23:00

Lunch at Radisson

Excursion to Joint Rescue Coordination Centre

Arrival Murmansk and Arkhangelsk delegations

Tour, discussion and supper at the High North Centre for Business and Governance

Film at Radisson: From Vardø with Love
Selmer Nilsen – a Spy Story


Breakfast at Radisson

Official opening:
Robert Sandström, Board Chairman, Barents Press International
Arne Egil Tønset, Board Chairman, Barents Press Norway
Odd Eriksen, Head Deputy, Nordland County Administration
Dag Kristoffersen, Head of Journalist Programme, Bodø University College

Session 1:
Future Security and Defense Issues in the North – opening statement and discussion:
Thorvald Stoltenberg

Parallell session 1a:
Future Security and Defense Issues in the North (continuing) – statements and discussion:
Mediator: Kjell Dragnes, Editor of Foreign News, Aftenposten
Thorvald Stoltenberg
Tor Bukkvold, Norwegian Defense Research Institute
Russian/Finnish/Swedish participants

Parallell session 1b:
Youth Chat – the way ahead for young journalists in the Barents Region:
Sari Pöyhönen, Finland
Dag Kristoffersen, Norway
Inna Rozhina, Russia
Jonas Bjørkly, Youth County Assembly of Nordland, Norway

Session 2:
Excursion to Norwegian Defense Operations Headquarters, Reitan:
Trond Grytting, Rear-admiral

Lunch at Reitan

Session 3:
Presentation of Barents Scholarship Project 2009 – a study of journalists’ working conditions in Russia:
Kjersti Sjursen Lien, former student, Bodø University College

Why choose NOT to become a journalist in today’s Russia – statements and discussion:
Mediator: Gunnar Sætra, Norway
Jelena Larionova, Russia
Arne Egil Tønset, Norway

Session 4:
Boat Trip to Saltstraumen
Guiding by Torghatten Nord representative

Session 5:
Opening to the East – 25 years of cooperation and challenges – lecture at Radisson:
Odd Eriksen, Head Deputy, Nordland County Administration

Dinner at Radisson

Music, dance and entertainment at Radisson


Breakfast at Radisson

Session 6:
Barents Press Scholarship Strategy – statements and strategies:
Mediator: Magne Kveseth, Altaposten, Norway

Session 7:
National reports

Session 8:
Barents Press International Web Service – presentation:
Roberts Sandström: Head of International Board

Session 9:

Official closing of BPI annual meeting

Session 10:
Barents Press International board meeting

Lunch at Radisson

Departure delegations

Session 11:
Guided tour of the Norwegian Aviation Museum:
Murmansk and Arkhangelsk delegations

Supper in Bodø


Breakfast at Radisson

Departure of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk delegations

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