BPI invites to meet in Murmansk

3-6 may 2018 Murmansk will host a meeting of journalists of Barents region from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. It is organized and carried out jointly by activists from all four countries participating in the international network of journalists’ contacts Barents Press International.

The main theme of the meeting: Cooperation between journalists in the future, the time of challenges. How to improve and continue the work of Barents Press.

Basic topics for presentations and discussions:

  • Big media and subject of the Barents region –
  • The law on journalists-foreign agents and Barents Press network
  • Visas for journalists and freelancers for educational trips
  • Journalists and public diplomacy
  • Copy-paste, rewrite or rip-off? News in the Internet age.
  • Barents Press Youth Project

The program of the meeting also includes debates of the chairpersons of the national boards, training on the development of contacts between journalists, working meetings of the national and international boards of BPI.

For more information please contact:

Anna Kireeva (Russia)           annakireeva1979@gmail.com

Tim Andersson (Sweden)     tim@barentspress.org

Timo Sipola (Finland)            sipola.timo@gmail.com

Amund Trellevik (Norway)    amund.trellevik@gmail.com