Network Meet-up

Meet the rest of the network, enhance your skills, deepen your knowledge with journalists in a similar position as you

Location: Helsinki
Date: 10-13/3 2022

The ongoing climate change affects everything, all over the world. Including journalism. Strengthen your capacity to reach your audience with knowledge and new contacts.

(More information to come)

Location: Tromsö, Norway & Abisko, Sweden
Date: 14-19/8 2022

Climate Press Tour

Russia Press Tour

Visit Russia with other people from the network and learn about the challenges and possibilities that journalists have in Russia.

(More information to come)

Location: St. Petersburg and more
Date 11-16/9 2022

Constructive Journalism Press Tour

(More information to come)

Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Date: 23-28/10 2022

The Online Network

The network is always active online.

Network activities, digital lectures by leading journalists and scientist and more makes sure that you’re always connected to the larger network, wherever you are.

Furthermore, have you met a colleague that you want to collaborate with? Then you can apply for financial support for travel costs!

On the network site, in the newsletter and on our Facebook group you will be able to find updates and content from the different press tours. In that way, you can keep in touch with  the network between meetups.