We are offering two exciting course packages for our members, as a member you can read more about the courses after you have signed in. And for you non-members reading, it’s easy to sign up – go ahead! The application deadline for our courses is 1st of June, but new members are welcome any time.

The courses are centered around you expanding your skills and network at the same time. We, both Barents Press and Nordic Journalist Center, have a long history of crafting excellent courses. Just to give a hint, one of the courses is a combination of economics and investigative journalism with lecturers who has a background in one or both fields. We also want to custom the experience around your current skill level so that you get the most out of our trainings.

We recently became over 70 members in our network! Our next goal is of course to get 100 new journalists involved in our network. Invite your friends and colleagues who shares your interest to learn more in the field of journalism and connect with other journalists.

Best wishes,
Daniel Nord
Project Manager



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