Hello everyone,

We plan to hold a online meeting for the people who can’t join us for the network meetup in Helsinki.

What we want is to have a digital conversation on Sat 12/3 between our members. We believe that it’s really important for journalists to keep talking in confusing times like these.

If you want to participate in the digital conversation, look for the link to sign up in our Facebook group or in the newsletter.

I have also been working on arranging interesting webinars for you, the members of New in Journalism. Closest in time is a webinar with Erik Modin, a Swedish motion designer and director with a special focus on informative storytelling. He will teach you more about how to turn information and data into visual narratives that helps the audience make sense of otherwise complex facts. This can help both you and your audience come to a deeper understanding about the subject, whether it is finance, history or climate change. 
You can check out his work at: https://www.momotion.se/

If you want to sign up for the webinar (23/3) with Erik Modin, use this link: https://forms.office.com/r/Eaz35K6c3U

Best wishes,
Daniel Nord
Project Manager New in Journalism



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