I hope you are having a good summer, either as some needed time off or getting some more work experience in a newsroom somewhere!

I will soon take some time off but I wanted to let you know what is brewing for this autumn. We have had to change plans over and over again due to changing circumstances, but we are always trying to deliver something that will be of value to you as a member.

Our course Follow the Money will go through as planned in August and we have filled all the vacant spots. The course is shaping up to be both a download on the current economic situation as well as a stepping stone to doing more business journalism and investigative economic journalism.

Our next course on disinformation have had several changes. For one the dates have changed from August/September to October and secondly we have decided to do it as a hybrid event. The spots for attending the course physically are filled, but since it is also going to take place online we can also open spots for people to attend digitally.

We have booked a journalist working with OSINT, Open Source Intelligence, to workshop with you on how you for example use open sources to verify and fact check videos and pictures. Here you can bring your own video or image of an event if you want to find out the story behind it all.

A new application round for the digital spots on the course Countering Disinformation will open in August.

We are also hoping to organize another network meetup towards the end of the year, but more information and an application round will come after summer has passed.

Have a good summer!

Best wishes,
Daniel Nord
Project manager New in Journalism.



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