The Network

All new journalists in the Nordic countries and Northwest Russia who have been active for no more then five years may join the network that consists of journalists starting out their career

During 2022 the members of the network has access to unique courses abroad, the chance to take part in webinars designed to enhance trade skills and network meet-ups to build their own professional network.

A network coordinator makes sure that the network is always active online. The project manager makes sure to arrange activities that help the members towards their future careers as journalists.

 The main goal is to strengthen and support cross border journalism between Nordic and independent Northwestern Russian journalists


Q: When do the project take place?
: During 2022, from the 1th of January to the 31th of December.

Q: Do I have to be “young” to apply?
: No, New in Journalism is open to anyone that meets the criteria, as long as you live and work in the Nordic countries or Northwest Russia and have been active as an journalist (including photo, video, audiojournalists) for a maximum of five years, you are welcome to join.

Q: Who checks the applications and approves/denies them?
: The project manager approves or denies them based on the stated criteria when applying.

Q: Do I have to be a part of the network to apply for the activities?
: Yes.

New in journalism is a joint project between Barents Press Sweden, Barents Press Russia and Nordic Journalist Centre.

Together we have long history of successful cross border cooperation between journalists in the Nordic countries and Russia.

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